There is a wide variety of different types of driveway materials and each one comes with its own range of pros and cons. Asphalt, however, tends to take the biggest beating when it comes to the myths surrounding it and the team here at Kings Driveways are here to set the record straight as we separate the facts from the false…

Myth: They are not durable.

For some unknown reason, asphalt has gained a reputation that suggests it will crack very easily and require the constant filling in of potholes and, whilst it is true that the material is not as strong as concrete, when it is correctly installed by professionals it will last a very long time before any topping up maintenance is needed.

Myth: Asphalt is an expensive material to have installed.

Many tend to consider an asphalt driveway an investment for the future due to its rather large price tag, however, the team here at Kings Driveways believes that you get what you pay for which means the expense results in a better quality driveway. Whilst the material appears costly to purchase and has laid, it lasts much longer and does not require as much maintenance. This means that if the costs were to be set side by side, many would say concrete is actually 40% more expensive because it requires to be tended to more often and takes longer to complete.

Now some of the asphalt related myths have been busted, its time to call in the professionals and organize getting your very own! As the best driveways Derby has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!