Unless you live in a perfect mansion, the exterior of a home and in particular the driveway, tends to be the most neglected area when it comes to design inspiration. Usually included for functionality rather than aesthetic quality, many people don’t really think too much into how they can improve their driveway. Thankfully, the team here at Kings Driveways have put together a couple of ways you could improve your driveway and give it a little bit of TLC…

  • Most driveways take the shape of a simple square or a rectangle, however if you are working with a great deal of space, a circular driveway is a new trend that is taking over the industry right now. Their popularity is drawn from the ease of movement as you don’t even have to think about the reverse gear when it comes to this design. If you’re looking to impress, a circular driveway is definitely the way forwards!
  • The crunch from the tires on a gravel driveway is something that warms the soul of many. Not only is it able to evoke an old fashioned look, it is also fairly low maintenance as raking the surface from time to time to help prevent the gravel dispersing is the main thing you must keep track off.

Here at Kings, we offer a range of different services. From pattern imprinted concrete to block paving, we are sure to have the designs and styles you are looking for when it comes to sprucing up a tired looking driveway. Speak to a member of the team today and find out more about the best driveways in Derby!