Benefits of Driveway Pavers

What are Driveway Pavers? The most common type of driveway material is concrete, however, over the years it requires a fair bit of maintenance. Especially to ensure that it's always looking its best. From cracks to stains, a concrete driveway will always keep you busy. However, there is an alternative!. Driveway pavers can be used [...]

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Driveway Material Types: Part 2

Choosing the right materials for your Driveway Your driveway is a statement that you make to everyone who passes by. After all, how we take care of the exterior of our home can say a lot about who lives there. When it comes to choosing a material for a new driveway, it’s not uncommon to [...]

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How to Make a Concrete Driveway Stand Out

How to make your Concrete Driveway Stand out When it comes to making that all-important material decision for you driveway, it is not uncommon to feel underconfident in your final decision. Kings Driveways believe that concrete doesn’t get as much love as other materials do. Mainly, due to the misconception that it is dull and [...]

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How to Maintain your Block Paving

Maintaining your Block Paving Installing block paving makes your driveway look effective, and can add to the value of your home. It's important that you regularly maintain it to enhance its appearance and therefore make it more durable and able to last longer. There are a few steps you should follow to maintain the paving: [...]

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Asphalt Driveway Myths

There is a wide variety of different types of driveway materials and each one comes with its own range of pros and cons. Asphalt, however, tends to take the biggest beating when it comes to the myths surrounding it and the team here at Kings Driveways are here to set the record straight as we [...]

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