Pattern imprinted concrete

Kings Driveways Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is also sometimes referred to as decorative concrete, pressed concrete or stamped concrete and is a great way of brightening up your patio, driveway or swimming pool surround.

Imprinted concrete can be used for large scale projects such as forecourts or smaller jobs such as pathways as well as everything in between. Because endless colour and pattern combinations are possible, you can design your imprinted concrete installation exactly as you want it.

Furthermore, once laid, is tightly sealed with a protective surface which performs three main functions. Firstly, it is oil-resistant so any leaky cars parked on the driveway won’t leave their mark. Secondly, the seal prevents the ingress of water which can cause serious damage to the lower layers of the project. Thirdly, because pattern imprinted concrete solutions consist of a single layer of sealed concrete, it is impossible for weeds to grow on them so very little maintenance is needed.

Pattern imprinted driveways are proven to improve the value of homes and help them to sell faster, so as well as looking great, they also represent great value for money.

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