Imprinted concrete is now available in a wealth of designs and natural looking colours. Make Patterned concrete your choice and it will provide a strong, durable, weed and moss free solution to your driveway needs.

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Block paving is the choice for a more a bespoke traditional feature driveway or patio. Blocks are now available in a wide variety of shapes and colours; these can be laid to form something quite stunning that will impact positively on the value and salability of your property.

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If you require a practical solution to your parking needs then tarmac could be the answer you’re looking for. Tarmac is recommended for large areas such as car parks and forecourts.  Although tarmac is often the functional choice, we can tailor the finish to provide an eye-catching feature with the cleaver use of decorative edging blocks.

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At Kings Driveways we provide a made to measure driveway service and work with you to design your perfect solution.

Because our surveyors don’t receive commission, they are able to spend as much as time as is needed discussing your requirements and gaining a full understanding of your needs. They are also fully trained driveway installers and have a comprehensive knowledge of planning and draining regulations.

As well as the driveway itself, we can also provide related services such as wrought ironwork and full landscaping services.


As well as driveways, we also specialise in installing bespoke patios. We offer two main options for

patio installations: block paving and pattern imprinted concrete. Tarmac is also an option but designs using this as the main material tend to be less aesthetically pleasing that those using blocks or patterned concrete.

Block paving is available in a range of colours, sizes and styles and additional features such as cobbles and circle features can be added to improve the appearance even further.

Pattern imprinted concrete patios can also be customised to meet your needs and because the surface layer consists one a single layer of sealed concrete, they are guaranteed to remain weed free and require very little maintenance.


As well as residential projects, we also undertake a significant number of commercial jobs each year. Forecourts for garages and other commercial properties are usually best suited to tarmac or pattern imprinted concrete solutions.

However, we have also undertaken block paving projects for businesses looking to create an appealing forecourt in order to increase footfall or an attractive pathway through their grounds.

Whatever your requirements, at Kings Driveways we understand the importance of the appearance of your premises and will work with you to create the best solution for you and your business.


Block paving, pattern imprinted concrete and tarmac can all be used to create great looking pathways around your home or business. Other options also include a huge choice of decorative aggregates and flag stones.

As well as the path itself, you can also design attractive borders for your pathway, increasing its aesthetic value and allowing you to stamp your personality throughout your home or business.


Block edging is usually used to set off block paving to best effect. You can choose from natural stone or replica blocks and from a range of colours and textures.

You can also add a raised kerb to the edge of your paving which not only looks great but also helps to channel rain water, particularly when used in conjunction with grooved channelling,

Kerbs also help to keep any surrounding soil or gravel from spoiling the look of your block paving and reduce the amount of maintenance needed.


Tarmac driveways, paths and roads need to be surface dressed before they can be used. Surface dressing seals the tarmac, preventing the ingress of water and the chippings used create an ‘anti-skid’ surface.

From time to time tarmac needs to surface dressed again because it has become worn through use and by weathering. A period of hard frosts is particularly damaging to tarmac surfaces.

The process involves spraying bitumen on to the road surface and then applying the appropriate stone chippings. This will seal the road and provide a skid-resistant surface.


Tarmac is still the material of choice for many pathways, forecourts and of course, roads, particularly for commercial applications.

It is an affordable and very effective solution for many applications but its monochrome appearance can be off putting to many of our customers.

For this reason, we now offer a range of coloured tarmac products. You can choose from several colours and even combine two or more finishes to create a truly unique final product.


At Kings Driveways, as well as specialising in block paving, tarmac and concrete driveways and paths, we are also able to take care of any groundworks that may be necessary prior to commencing work.

This prevents the need for an external contractor which helps to keep our costs to the very competitive level we pride ourselves on.

These initial groundworks, particularly when it comes to landscaping jobs, may include excavations and we are fully equipped and trained to deal with excavations of any size. We can also dispose of any leftover soil or rubble leaving behind a clean and professional final product.


Tar spraying, where liquid bitumen is evenly applied to the surface of the road, driveway or path, is the first step in surface dressing. The tar seals the surface and prevents water from being able to enter which can cause serious damage to the installation.

Once the tar has been sprayed, your choice of chippings can then be applied. Chippings provide an attractive finish to tarmac surfaces and also confer anti-skid properties to that surface. Choices include granite chips, aggregate or golden gravel.


If you feel as though your home is running out of space and could do with an extra room or two, then an extension is an incredibly cost-effective solution to that problem. Instead of worrying about being uprooted and having to move house, we’re here to build the perfect extension just for you.

Whether you need an extra bedroom, a new office or a garage extension, our installers are the experts when it comes to fulfilling your requirements. We also stay with you every step of the design process, meaning that you can have your own say on exactly what you’d like us to build, while also benefitting from the advice given by our dedicated team.


As well as pathways, driveways, forecourts and roads, we are also able to provide total landscaping solutions including excavations and other groundworks.

Because we can carry out all works in house, we avoid the need for expensive, external contractors.

Before any work starts, our surveying team will work with you to design every last detail of the project, ensuring you end up with the perfect final product.

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