Understanding Asphalt Terminology

As you may already know, there is a wide range of different materials that can be used in order to re-design, re-vamp or completely replace your driveway. One of these materials is asphalt and like the dozens of other available materials.However, it comes with its own set of specific terminology and methods. In this blog, we are going to shed some light on this particular type of material lingo…


: This is the term that is given to a material placed before asphalt is laid down. It can range from a crushed stone material to an asphalt product. A base gives the load-bearing characteristics of the finished driveway and can vary between 3-4 inches.

Crack Filler

: A type of material that is used in order to make an older driveway look more appealing. The material is placed inside a crack in an asphalt driveway in order to fill it.

Paving Machine

: A piece of driveway and construction machinery commonly referred to as a ‘paver’. It is used in order to align asphalt into its finished position.


: This is the process of applying a sealant to an asphalt driveway in order to try and make the finished design last longer. As well as this, a sealant will help preserve a driveway and lock in colour.

Now you know some of the terms used by the professionals, it’s time to call the best. From tarmac to asphalt, you can be sure that the team here at King’s will take care of all your needs!