When deciding on a new driveway there are a variety of different materials that you can choose from, all with different qualities and faults. As your driveway is the first thing visitors see when they visit your property, it’s important your driveway portrays your characteristics and shows that you take pride in your home.

Tarmac is becoming more popular as a driveway material- but why? Surfacing companies like that tarmac is becoming more popular due to the easy application onto the driveway and it has a long durability. Tarmac has only recently become popular and therefore is more of a contemporary design for your driveway, Tarmac is good value for money and provides an attractive, durable surface that lasts longer than most surfaces.

With all different colours, tarmac is quite customisable to you, as you can make your own colour and make it appropriate to your home and unique to yourself. With tarmac, any scratches or marks are easy to repair, however tarmac is strong but you shouldn’t have severely heavy objects on it for long periods of time, as there is a chance you could cause damage to the top surface.

There are a few disadvantages to tarmac as there is with any driveway material- there is a problem with weeds, algae and moss can grow through the cracks of the tarmac and therefore reduce the appearance of your driveway. As tarmac is oil based the spilling of diesel in contact with tarmac can ruin the appearance of your tarmac.

There are pros and cons to Tarmac, however it is an excellent driveway material that is very durable, but the decision falls to you- is tarmac suitable for your driveway? Whether it is or isn’t, Kings Driveways provide the best driveways Cheshire whether you fancy tarmac or even blocked paving!