We are in the summer months, and you will now surely spend most of your days in the garden relaxing and soaking up the sun! Therefore, it is important your garden is looking as prim and proper as possible. I have a few ways you can clean up your patio this summer, so that your garden can look its best and you can relax and soak up all the sunshine, with your friends and family.

Weeding is the tedious chore, that never really ends. However, it is important to keep on top of this, making it a regular job and will keep your patio looking clean and tidy this summer. Being thorough in this job is important, when pulling out a weed ensure you have most of the structure to prevent it sprouting through your patio again. There is also certain sand available for patio’s, called weed inhibited paving sand that blocks weed’s from growing and rapidly decreases the number of weeds grown.
Your patio will collect a layer of dirt when regularly used, therefore to enhance the appearance of your patio regularly sweep your patio to get rid of the dirt. For stains, you need to be more thorough however it is a simple job, using a stiff bristled brush and hot soapy water will remove most stains off your patio.

Using a pressure washer will dramatically enhance the appearance of your patio, removing all dirt and stains and make it look as good as new. You need to avoid using the pressure on the joints of the patio, as this will remove the paving sand and therefore could damage the patio and cause it to go wobbly and damaged.

Here at Kings Driveways Cheshire, we have a range of patio’s and different circle features, to improve your garden just in time for summer! Get in contact today, to perfect your garden at affordable prices.