Installing block paving makes your driveway look effective, and can add to the value of your home so it is important that you regularly maintain it to enhance its appearance and therefore make it more durable and able to last longer. There are a few steps you should follow to maintain the paving:

  • Initially, when first laying down the block paving it will be porous and therefore water sources, rain for example, could potentially flush out the jointing sand and therefore cause it to slope- it is important to regularly check for this, if you start noticing this ensure you top it back up with jointing sand to avoid sloping.
  • Cleaning your driveway is an important task that you should regularly keep on top of, it is a simple task but will enhance the appearance and make it more durable. To clean your paving, you need a strong brush and cleaning detergent to remove the layer of dirt on top of your paving. Throughout the joints, apply weed killer to prevent weeds growing through the cracks. When looking at your driveway you should check all the paving is sealed and use sand where applicable for the paving to move and become unstable.
  • If using a power washer to clean your driveway you need to ensure it’s at a 30-degree angle and on medium pressure, any higher could be too much pressure for the driveway and therefore damage the driveway rather than clean it.

Here at Kings Driveways, we create the best driveways in Cheshire ranging from blocking paving to coloured tarmacadam. Here at Kings Driveways we have lots of maintenance information to inform you on the best way of looking after your driveway.