For those who are new to house hunting, coming across a property with a shared driveway can prompt a whole range of questions. In fact, it is advised that you seek whatever assistance you may need before you make a purchase as the last thing you want to do is regret your decision. In this blog, the team here at Kings Driveways are going to tell you exactly how a shared driveway works…

Pros and Cons

Having a shared driveway means that any maintenance and repair costs tend to be shared between both parties. In addition to this, driveways that get affected by snowfall easily also means that the task of clearing the driveway in these conditions is generally split. Despite this, shared driveways can also be troublesome as you may not agree with some of the rules as you may have a parking restriction, for example. In addition to this, you may also have a neighbour that is difficult to compromise with, making the share a difficult one.

There are rules

Many shared driveways come with a set of rules in order to eliminate one party taking advantage of the other. The rules are written in a legal documentation and state which part of the land resides where. The exact format of the rules may vary- however it generally dictates how disagreements should be handled, who is responsible for what repairs and how the costs may be split.

Buying a home is a costly investment and being aware of all of the details is important. Now you know how exactly a shared driveway works, it’s time to give yours some TLC. Many homeowners with a shared driveway tend to split the cost of having a driveway redesigned. After all, one person fronting the cost for another to reap the benefits isn’t going to strengthen any neighbourly bond. Talk to your neighbour today then get in contact with the best driveways Derby has to offer for more information about what it takes to make your shared driveway dazzle!