The process of laying a driveway is a little more complicated than applying a material to the ground and leaving. It requires experience, expertise and most importantly, excavating! If this important step isn’t completed, you will find yourself starting the whole process again a few years later! Here is the lowdown on excavation preparation for a driveway…


A well-known idiom is the idea of ‘digging a hole to China’, which plays on the idea that one could dig so deep that they will cut through the earth and appear on the other side.  When it comes to excavating for a driveway, many people think you have to dig really deep- however there is no need! In fact, the depth you choose depends on the ground itself, the material your driveway will be made from and how long/wide it will be.

Manual vs Mechanical

Once the depth of the excavation has been decided, the next decision is choosing between doing the job by hand or hiring some mechanical tools and machinery. It is important to know that opting for machinery means the overall cost of a driveway will rise. Which type of method you choose will be impacted by the depth of the excavation, the amount of soil that must be taken away afterwards and the type of soil you are going to be digging up.

Now you know the important decisions involved in preparing for a driveway, it’s time to call in the professionals! As the best driveways in Leicester, you know our excavating preparation will keep your driveway in tip top condition for years to come!