Concrete has always been a nation’s favourite when it comes to driveway materials. Not only is it low maintenance, it can also be coloured and stamped in order to form a range of different surface designs- guaranteed to catch the eye of your nosey neighbour. Here are a few benefits that can be found with a concrete driveway…

  • As a material, concrete tends to be more expensive than gravel or asphalt- however many consider it an investment for the future. Although it has a high starting cost, it obtains savings overtime as it requires little to no maintenance and lasts for several years after installation.


  • A driveway is the first thing that guests who visit your home will see and if you are always looking to make a first impression then a concrete driveway provides the quality necessary to do just that. By presenting a clean and professional environment, concrete adds value to your home exterior and its ability to be coloured means it is certain to hit the aesthetic appeal too.


  • Concrete is an incredibly durable material and the only other materials that can handle such wear and tear are natural rock and steel. When it comes to choosing a driveway that will last for a long time, concrete can take abuse from a range of external forces whilst remaining proud for many years!

Here at Kings Driveways, we offer a range of different driveway services, including imprinted concrete! As the perfect weed and moss-free solution to a driveway, you’ll never go back to a different material again! Get in contact with the best driveways in Derby today!