Laying tarmac is definitely not a job for the everyday DIY handyman as it requires a lot of necessary skill, expertise and knowledge to get it right. If you choose cheap labour over an experienced professional, you can’t expect to achieve perfection with your tarmac driveway. Here are a couple of tips and tricks when it comes to laying tarmac…

Get Your Neighbours Involved

It’s no secret that tarmac is one the cheapest materials to use when it comes to paving an area- however it becomes much more cost effective at a certain size. Sometimes your driveway alone may not be big enough to grab a bargain due to machinery and set up costs, but if you buddy up with a neighbour who’s driveway could also use some TLC, you’ll both be sure to save some cash.


Like every other driveway, many different layers are involved in the construction and it all begins with the foundations. Most of the time, excavations go 16-18cm deep and after this a sub base is applied and rolled with a road roller. Following this, edging curb stones are added so that the tarmac is supported whilst it is being laid.

Tarmac is typically laid in two layers, the first being the base and the second known as the ‘wearing’ course. The first layer usually has more aggregate and must be brought to the construction site in a heated lorry. After this is poured into the excavation area, the tarmac is spread and levelled using rakes and then the road roller is repeated until it no longer makes indentations in the surface of the tarmac.

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