When a driveway begins to show signs of general wear and tear, we tend to carry out something known as ‘surface dressing’. This is the process of rejuvenating a surface in a way that provides long lasting results. It is designed for a driveway that could use a face lift but doesn’t require a complete replacement and is generally much cheaper. Here is the lowdown on two different types of tarmac surface dressing methods…

Tar and Chip

Usually used by the government in order to fix up the road networks in the United Kingdom, the process of the tar and chip method consists of placing hot bitumous emulsion on to a blacktop surface using a large piece of machinery that sprays the mixture evenly. Once it has been applied, clean aggregates are then distributed over the top and in order to encourage the chippings to create a layer that will protect the older surface, hard stone is rolled over the top.

Re-tread/ Double Dressing

Double dressing is a similar process to tar and chipping without the application of a bitumous emulsion on top of the blacktop surface. Instead the compound is added to the loose aggregate surface. Normal unbound surfaces are suitable for this process. Re-treading however requires using the first binder coat to be added into the aggregate and then applying two more coats on top. The process is finished with chippings and a smooth sealant. it is ideal for long driveways and provides the same finished results without the thickness of the former.

If your driveway could use some sprucing up, get in contact with Kings Driveways today for the best driveways in Derby. Our surface dressing is one technique to beat and we afford every client to same time and patience to ensure that the job is done to the highest standard every time!